Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting ready!

This was actually written on 1/2/11

My flight takes off from Portland in just over 12 hours.  I must admit, I am both excited and a little scared!  I've traveled abroad several times before, but this will be the longest that I'll ever have been away from home.  Even when I am at Linfield I can easily be home in about 35 minutes.  So... 5 months of being in a different country with no one else that I know is a bit daunting.  However, I love going on adventures, so I just have to keep my chin up and trek on!  This will definitely be a learning experience for me in many ways.  Not only will I be learning about the beautiful culture around me in Norway, but I will also learn a lot about myself and how I can handle being completely independent.  My parents are very nervous about me leaving but  hopefully having a phone that they can easily call me at will help out a lot.
Well, I suppose I should probably finish packing... what an adventure that has been in and of itself!  I'll post again once I'm in Norway.  Happy New Year, everyone!


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